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SQ Products - R601P Tube Radio

FM Scope:: 88MHz~108MHz
AM Scope:535 KHz~1610KHz

Tube Amplifier:
Output Power:=9W
Frequency Response:30Hz~20KHz
Vacuum Tube: 6P14x2 6F2x1
6E2(Magic Eye)

Speaker Unit:
Rated Power:=10W
Speaker Impedance:4O
Frequency Response:80Hz~15KHz
Input Port: Antenna In & Aux In
Output Port: Earphone Out
Product Size: 30(L) x 18(W) x 20(H) cm
12" wide x 8 1/2" high x 7 1/2 " deep

With 4 pcs of Vacuum Tube improves "Digital Sound" effectively
Magic Eye
FM / AM function
Warm & excellent sound effect.
Magnetically shielded drivers, virtually eliminates monitor and TV screen interference.
All MDF wood enclosures.
Volumes and power switch located on Front panel.
Unique, Classical & Elegant appearance.
Exclusive product unique worldwide
High quality and good price
With matte paint finish
Subwoofer is optional.

List $350.00


6 Moons

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